How Our Visualization Dictates Our Success

EDITORS NOTE: John Galloup is a former enlisted Marine Corps Scout Sniper. He has been deployed on multiple occasions. He has earned numerous awards while in the Marines of which he himself would never brag about being a very humble man. He knows a thing or two about success, failure, and performing under very stressful conditions. He is, also,  a CrossFit coach as well as a CrossFit athlete. When he gives advice it is usually a good idea to pay attention. So take 5 minutes and really absorb what he is saying because it will benefit you immensely. We have all had our fair share of moments in our lives where we tell ourselves we can’t do this. As we approach something new we tend to feel scared and hesitate before we delve into the new chapters of the unknown. Fear and uncertainty creep into the corners of our minds and try to assert their dominance over our endeavors. I would ask us all the question, why do we choose to listen to these emotions, for they come from the weakest parts of our minds? The answer lies in repetition. We have become so adapted to hearing them and giving them our attention that they begin to flow from our mind and out of our mouths as streams of negativity expressed as phrases of self-doubt. Even then, sometimes the worst demons that haunt our minds are the ones unshared or unspoken as they sit and poke fun at our own shortcomings. Interesting how we tend to be harder on ourselves than anyone else could be. I would encourage us all to banish these thoughts from our minds, making a conscious effort to avoid the negativity that has leached on to the subconscious. It has been said that we are products of our environment, and I must admit that I agree with the majority of that statement. Today, it seems we are inescapably surrounded by negativity. Don’t believe me? Take a look at what’s on the news in magazines, radio, Facebook, TV, talk shows, blogs, etc. This doesn’t even include the music we listen to, or the people we surround ourselves with. I think we can all understand, that negativity is all around us right? All this negativity functions to cloud our minds and dull our ability to visualize positivity. It doesn’t have to be way. Negativity will continue to exist as it always has and always will until the end of our days. However, that doesn’t mean we need to expose ourselves to it. Let’s all commit to reducing the degree to which we open our minds and hearts to the “bad news bearers” and the “Debbie downers.” Listen to positive music in the car or to motivational books, don’t watch the news, ignore the Facebook drama. You don’t need to bear the weight of the world’s problems on your shoulders. You have enough you need to focus on without exposing yourself to media designed to make you unhappy. Arnold Schwarzenegger, probably one of the most successful men of our lifetime, has a set of golden rules. One of these is “ignore the naysayers.” Well put Arnold, for we control our destiny. We are the reason we win or fail. Sure some people have it harder than others, and life isn’t fair, but I’m here to tell you…You can do it…you can do it…you can do it. Don’t just read over that, but accept these words as truth. You CAN do it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, because they are trying to hold you back. They have given up, and don’t want you to succeed, becoming better than they ever would have. We need to cut this negativity out of our lives even when sometimes it is hard to do. When we get rid of negativity, we must replace it with positivity or the negative thoughts will find their way back in. We all need to spend more time with positive people, thoughts and energy. Change our environment and create one that is loving. Isn’t it interesting that people who surround themselves with successful people, tend to become successful themselves? Ever had a training partner who was better than you, and challenged you to new levels of accomplishment? I know I have. Run with the best people you can find and you will become better yourself. Being in the Marines I was surrounded by some of the best and most motivated people out there and they only pushed me to be better. As you begin to clear your mind and surroundings of all the unnecessary negativity and replace it with positivity, a new sense of clarity will take place. Instead of a haze of doubt you will be able to visualize success and focus your mind on a positive outcome; completing the lift, getting the job, making the sale. You’ll be able to visualize the lift from start to finish and see yourself standing proud at the top with new records achieved. Use positive visualization in all aspects of your life. You will become what you think you can become. You will achieve what you see yourself accomplishing. Will it always happen right away? Maybe…maybe not. I will not be the one to say that you can or cannot, that is your decision. If you fail, then laugh it off and get back up and try again. “Don’t be afraid to fail” another golden rule from Arnold. Failure is something everyone endures, but failure doesn’t mean it’s over…It simply means we are narrowing our search for the path to success. A great book that I know of has a quote in it that I would like to share, “I truly tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Words from Jesus…the One who never failed.


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